Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catman's Top 20 Magic Moments

17. 1995 NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 4

During the Orlando Magic's 1995 run to the NBA Finals, there were plenty of great moments. This is probably the only one worth mentioning where the Magic lost. Well, besides the Finals themselves.

In a closely fought game vs the Indiana Pacers, the Magic are down by 2 points with about 18 seconds left when Penny Hardaway passes to Brian Shaw for a 3 pointer with 13 seconds left.

Indiana returns from a timeout and gets an immediate 3 pointer from Reggie Miller while just a couple of seconds come off the clock, sending the Pacers back up by 2.

After another timeout by Orlando, Penny Hardaway drills yet another 3 pointer, this one with a hand in his face, with about 1.5 seconds left to send the Magic up by 1.

Enter Rik Smits. Ugly ass Rik Smits. Give me a damn break.

Smits has enough time to catch the ball, pump fake out Tree Rollins, and sink a free throw line jumper at the buzzer to win the game by 1, 94-93. The Magic lose, but its one of the most insane endings to a game I've ever seen. And, of course, we beat them in the series and went on to the Finals. So F-U Indiana. And F-U Rik Smits. Video here.

Oh, and during the series, the city of Indianapolis had a bridge near downtown scheduled to be demolished. They thought it would be funny to spray paint "Orlando Magic" on the bridge when they tore it down. Well, score another one for us...the crane broke and the bridge didn't. Double F-U Indiana. And double F-U to you Rik Smits, for spelling your name weird.

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