Sunday, October 25, 2009

Catman's Top 20 Magic Moments

16. The Billy Donovan Douche-bacle

Wow! Billy Donovan as Orlando Magic head coach! What a coup! Hey Billy, Billy...over here! Look at the camera! What are you looking at? Why won't you look at the camera?

Oh, that's your wife over there with Vander Weide. Boy, she looks angry. Why does she look so angry?

Billy why does she look so angry about being here in Orlando??? Did you not discuss this with your family before SIGNING A CONTRACT WITH THE ORLANDO MAGIC AND LEAVING THE FLORIDA GATORS??? That can't be why she's angry...

Wait a second...did you hear that?

WHOA, Vander Weide just farted on your wife, Billy! So that's why she has that angry look on her face. Well, Billy, I hope this doesn't affect our relationship here or anything--

[Billy and wife leave press conference and slam door]

Ok, then. Well, in retrospect...I would say that once again, we're saved by Vander Weide's farts!

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